Jan 9, 2013

Happy- Week 1

 I have seen some other blogs that are doing "52 Weeks of Happy" posts and my goal this year is to do more blog posts so I thought this would be perfect. I'm a week behind because I have been sick but here's my first...

I have mentioned before that we use, cloth napkins in fact we don't use any paper products (other than TP and the occasional paper plate for birthday parties and when my mom sneaks them in the house when she comes to visit). I have made most of the napkins we use out of recycled things but I came across 7 of these lovelies at Goodwill for 15 cents each on half price day! I was so excited! I also found this pretty vintage pillow case. Collecting vintage pillow cases and sheets is a hobby of mine, I love to re-use them.

The next time I was at Goodwill I was looking through the sheets and found the 8th napkin!! I know! I'm sure you can hear the excitement in my typing!! The cashier (whom I shared my excitement with) gave it to me free, I also found the matching sheets to the pillow case!! SCORE!!

These simple but very pretty things in my everyday life make me happy and remind me that God wants to see us smile over simple pleasures.

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