Jan 10, 2013

Holiday Projects

  So here are some of the things I worked on throughout the holiday season. Some gifts and some orders but almost all free patterns so I had to share!!
I just love love love this Vest Wrap (a free pattern) I made for my sister-in-law. I can not wait to make one for myself, too bad my pic turned out so bad.
I made these sweet baby doll clothes for a sweet little girl and just had to make a matching nightgown for her. Here's the very easy FREE downloadable pattern for the gown.
Of course a hat to match too.

Adjustable Glittens (a $5 pattern well worth the price) I'm on my third pair. I made a "Urban Jungle Slouch hat" to match these mittens but lost the photo, I will try to recover that but it was fun to make and looked great also a free pattern from Ravelry!

These super cute snowmen & women are about 4 inches tall, you can find the pattern here, scroll down to the bottom of the page for the English version.

I made several pair of these boot cuffs. How cute are they!!?? Also a free pattern.
Here's another pair of glittens and a beautiful scarf to match. This "Mindless Scarf" would be even prettier in a plain color because the stitch is so pretty. A free pattern from Craftsy.

I am so proud of these stockings! I have been wanting to make the kids stockings for a few years but never seemed to find the time. Well this year I did it and am thrilled at how they turned out. The kids were excited with them as well and wanted to know if they could take them when they grow up and move out. Now I just need to make 3 more... here's the free pattern for the stockings from Red Heart.

And a Tennessee colors mohawk hat for a brand new TN fan!! I found a simple tutorial here for attaching the "hair". 

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