Jan 21, 2013

#30 Days of Dinner

I make a meal plan every month and I have several friends who have asked me to help them with one so I thought I would share mine with you and maybe it will help you with that dreaded "Mom/Honey what's for dinner?" question!
 First of all I start by making a list with the usually things, the things we eat on a regular bases that we all like then I add a few things we eat occasionally and then maybe a new recipe or two to fill in the gaps. I always try to work around what I already have in my freezer and pantry to cut down the grocery costs, and will try to make at least a few things that will stretch into two meals. While I'm making my list of meals I make my grocery list. Some of these are quick easy meals and some are cook all day kinda meals. I don't schedule meals for certain days I just make the list, post it on the fridge and decide on what to make by what I feel like cooking that day, how much time I have to cook or what the hubby feels like having.
Also, we don't have a microwave and buy very few (if any) prepackaged foods so everything I make is homemade or close to it. However I know not everyone has the privilege to stay home and start cooking dinner at 4:00 so most of my meals can be made with the convenience items offered at the grocery store.

Here's my current 30 day list:

Mexican chicken w/ rice
Hamburg grave w/ noodles & veggie of choice
Pot roast w/ potatoes, carrots & cabbage
Veggie beef soup (from left-over pot roast)
Taco salad
Pizza (pepperoni & buffalo chicken)
Pork chops, *twice baked potato casserole
*Breaded oven backed chicken, buttery noodles & salad
Cheeseburgers, mac & cheese and green beans
Calico Beans (Vi's Chili)
Chicken salads w/ oven baked french fries
Chicken-n-Dumplins (from left-over baked chicken)
Ham, baked potatoes & veggie of choice
*Chicken Gnocchi soup
Pork roast w/ sauerkraut & mashed potatoes
BBQ pork sandwiches (from left-over pork roast) & left-over mac & cheese
Beans & weenies w/ cornbread
Tuna Casserole (this is the best!!!)
Breakfast for dinner (Broccoli cheese soup for me)
Potato soup
Alfredo w/ chicken, pasta & salad (I have a really good simply recipe I will post)
Steak, loaded potatoes & veggie of choice
Tofu (beef or chicken) stir-fry w/ rice
Pork loin, cauliflower & parogies
Baked Spaghetti w/ sausage, salad & Italian bread
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & green beans
Sloppy Joe's, tater-tots & veggie of choice
Chicken stuffed shells & salad

Like I mentioned before this is just a list we don't eat these things in this order, but I hope it has helped you out of your dinner rut.
* indicate new recipes I'm going to try this month.

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