Feb 19, 2012

Month 1

Things are going well here on the homestead, just yesterday we were working in the yard and I started some seeds. Today, however we are nestled in the house with the fireplace crackling and giant snow flakes falling outside. I have received my orders of seed and have plans to start our cool weather crops this week. We are expecting our chicks next week, JoLee is excited to have her very own 15 chicks to care for for her first 4-H project. So this week we will be getting the brooding boxes together and working on the chicken coop area of the barn.

With the weather being so nice lately work on the house has come to a stand still but Brian has been busier than ever outside. He's been preparing the garden, building the greenhouse, constructing some very nice stone steps to go from the house level of our property to the garden and barn area, as well as gathering all the "farm" equipment we will be needing. So far we have acquired a "tractor" (riding lawn mower), a "plow" (rototiller) as well as a chain saw... thank goodness for Craigslist!! He also built a very cool wagon to pull behind the "tractor" out of an old push mower and some wood. I wish I had pictures to share with you but I didn't even think of it yesterday and there is no way pictures will be happening today!!!

I am really feeling at home here especially since I finally got a stove/oven this week and have made friends with our neighbor across the street. But we do feel kinda out of touch with the world, outside of logging on to the very very slow dial-up internet each day to try to read emails, check in on Facebook and find things we need on Craigslist we have no idea on what's happening in the world outside out tiny slice of it, which is exactly why we moved here. I have to admit sometimes I do miss high speed internet and texting, I will get use to it and one day our children will too... maybe.

As always thanks so much for reading and please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Cody. I enjoy hearing of your latest adventures in the Great Appalachian Mountains or are you in the Smokie Mountains. Either way have a super time. Miriam

Marilyn said...

Thanks for updating posts so we can learn of the progress you make at your new homestead. Cody & family may inspire others to break free and develop their own sustainable life!