Jan 31, 2012

New Beginnings

The house from the driveway

If you follow me on Facebook then you know that we moved the end of November, if you don’t then you might have wondered what happened to us. It has been a long journey but after living in a motel room for 6 weeks we finally got to move into our new house on the 13th of January. From the time we left West Virginia to the time we spent our first night in our new home we encountered countless frustrations and disappointments but I’ll save those for the book- haha.

So here we are in the Tennessee Appalachia Mountains, no TV, no internet, no friends or family, no cell signal and until Friday no phone. Since we have no internet I will try to post here once a month or so when we can pick up free Wi-Fi in McDonald's parking lot or play land.

Our new place is everything we wanted and more and in hindsight worth the wait. We have less land than we had hoped for but what we do have is not only the house with 2 full bathrooms but a garage with a carport, a barn, a large creek running the length of the property and walking distance from the very small school all 3 of the big kids attend. The best part is that it is bought and paid for!!!!!

So far we love it but much as I love it here I have to admit I'm getting a little irritated with my living conditions...

The house needs work (it sat empty for 2 years with a leaking roof) and progress is going well. Thanks to my amazing husband we have everything we need to live. However as he tears out yucky carpet, lays new wood floors, hangs doors, paints, and fixes everything that leaks, breaks, or falls apart along the way I try to keep up on the everyday tasks of laundry, cooking, homework and keeping little Fred-Fred out of his way. I have a temporary kitchen to work in including a mini fridge that can hold essentials and nothing more, which is so frustrating to try to get things in and out of. Also, I have one electric burner, an electric skillet, no oven and what I am convinced is the smallest kitchen sink I have ever seen, oh and a microwave. On the plus side I do have a decent dish washer that we picked up for $15 at the local Goodwill!! I have to say the electric skillet is worth its weight in gold, I have used that thing every day!



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