Aug 12, 2011

This is how we...

keep things separate with NO fighting.
Whenever we have to buy things in 3's (or 4's now) we have always bought in "colors" that way there's no fighting about who's-who's! It's always
orange= BJ
pink= JoLee
red= Max
and we have decided that
green=Fred-FredOrange, pink, red & green balls so there's no fighting!

Backpacks, so no one grabs the wrong one on busy mornings.

Colored towels saves on laundry, they know which one's theirs and they can use them 2 or 3 times before they need washed.

If we are going somewhere crowded I always make sure the have their "color" on in case they get separated.

Sometimes we have to substitute and use blue. I hope this tip was helpful, as always thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...
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MamaThing said...

Loving it ...these are the exact colors of my daughters first birthday this Saturday! :) Amber from