Aug 22, 2011

Homemade Birthday Gifts

We have 5 birthdays coming up next month, including JoLee's 10th & Freddy's 1st!! We have 3 in October and 3 more in November including a "sweet 16", not to mention Christmas will soon follow... ughh, I don't even want to think about Christmas! Christmas = winter! So with all these birthdays coming up I've been thinking about gifts. We do mostly only homemade gifts which isn't too much trouble for the girls. There so many great things to make for little girls.
JoLee especially loves the tiered skirt & baby doll clothes I made her last year. Which happens to be the only thing I've made her that she has worn over and over. Chica & Jo is a great site that makes making a tiered skirt super easy. It has a very handy "skirt measurement calculation tool" that tells you exactly what size to cut your strips!! It's a-MAZ-ing!!! (Shhh, don't tell but Jo will be getting another one this year.)

So far I have made this cute fall jacket & hat for Freddy. I love the blue fleck yarn I got for $1 Goodwill, I wish I would have put green stripes in it but there is so much orange in the blue yarn that orange seemed to be the best choice and there's no way I changing it now!!!!
The original pattern for the jacket came from Crochet Me but I altered it a bit, the hat's my own pattern with a button so he can't pull it off.

When I can't come up with my own ideas I look to other blogs for ideas and inspiration. Here are some of the things I'm going to... err, hoping to be working on in the next few months... Molly Monkey, by mmmcrafts

Tic-Tac-Toe, by turtle weenies

And I'm going to try some freezer paper stenciling & bleach pening, I am Momma-Hear Me Roar has some great tutorials for both. She has tons of great ideas for the boys in your life!!

If you have any ideas for homemade gifts, I would really LOVE to hear about them!! Thanks for reading!!



Angie said...

That set for Freddie turned out very nice! I'm working on an owl purse (crocheted) for Grace's birthday gift. Homemade gifts mean so much! I'm so glad my kids love love love items mommy makes.

MamaThing said...

LOVE the-tic-tac toe!!

Anonymous said...

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