Aug 4, 2011


Yesterday was our 15th anniversary, Hubby came home from work early and surprised me a beautiful card and a huge bar of chocolate (which I'll admit, I ate half of before the night was over). Then the kids presented us with this lovely Lego card, they said the heart was "really hard".

We celebrated by going out to an early dinner, all 6 of us!! -Because it's impossible to find a sitter for 4 kids and let's face it, it's cheaper to just take them with us! I'm sure the waitress thought we were crazy!!
(Notice hubby's beard, I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of it!!)

Then we hit up our favorite thrift shop... because sadly that's what we do for fun!! But boy oh, boy did we find some great steals!! I guess it does pay to go mid-week.
We picked up this wood, real solid wood, TV cabinet for $30- which is perfect for our TV, we don't have cable but it's great for all the boys game systems and all the stuff that goes with them.
I love that I can shut the doors and not have to see it! I hate seeing the TV, it's like a black hole in the room. I'm hoping it will also help to keep Freddy from messing with everything.
I also found this supper cute denim trench from Chadwicks for $5~ score!!!
We found some other great deals but I'll save them for another time, let's just say I'll be returning that waffle maker I bought last week... :-/

I hope everyone's having a good week, next week we will be getting ready to go back to school. Thanks for reading!!!



MamaThing said...

Great finds! And quite hilarious that my personal blog has that EXACT label..."thrifty me"! :)

BTW...I've been looking for an armoire like that for 10+years...for about that same price --you hit the treasure chest on that one! I got rid of my cable back in April, but would love to hide the TV...I too hate seeing it --and it's a huge black hole. Agreed!

Cody said...

We don't have cable either but the boys & the hubby are big gamers so a TV is a must apparently.