May 11, 2011

Happy Happy Me!!!

I have to say, the the day I finally get my rhubarb is one of my favorite days of the year. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it and look forward to it from the time I use my last stashed bag in the freezer. This year I had a little more trouble finding it but boy did I score BIG! A sweet women I don't even know blessed me with more than 7 pounds of it, cut up that was over 20 cups!

Here in WV it's not as common as it is in PA where I grew up. I start my hunt in late March and have even knocked on stranger's doors. But my friend Marylin always comes through for me, she always knows someone who knows someone or she knows them herself- lol!! THANK YOU MARYLIN, YOUR THE BEST!!! If I would have known 8 years ago that we would still be living here I would have planted it a long time ago.

The other thing here that makes me happy today is the beautiful cutting board I am using. My amazing hubby makes these and he finally made me one!!! Yaaaah, Isn't it gorgeous??!! And for that I will make him is favorite desert strawberry-rhubarb crisp.

If you are interested in a custom made cutting board contact him at

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Angie said...

I cut my rhubarb Friday (only cutting half of it b/c I left the skinny ones to grow more) and got 12 c. for in the freezer. Hoping to make your straw/rhubarb crisp for Memorial Day cookout.

We've been working outside EVERY non downpour moment! This week on the couple rainy days, I did a lot of sewing. I think about you daily! Hope this week gives me time to call!!