Mar 31, 2011

A Servants Heart?

Hubby and I have been thinking of some ways to help our children have more of a servant's heart. I know I will sound old if I say "when we were kids..." but truly my parents gave my brother and I lots of opportunities to serve. Now we are looking for ways to give service, and even though both Brian and I are very creative people we have been stumped on this. With the crises in Japan being very big news right now we thought of focusing on that, but we prefer to keep things local, within our own community. I know I don't have many "followers" but I know you are reading this, so if you have an idea for us leave a comment, reply to the e-mail or email me at


Angie said...

Do you have a food bank or elderly home in your area?
We go for walks taking bags with us to collect trash. And are starting to take meals to our elderly neighbor.
In our Spiritual Parenting class, they were teaching us to encourage us to serve each other in our families ... and to drive around looking for ways to serve others periodically as a family.
Work together as a family to ask in every situation "What Needs Done?"
I'll be praying God shows you.

Cody said...

One friend suggested that I ask the kids what they would like to do... I hadn't thought of that.

Unknown said...

We carried an extra loaf of bread, jar of peanut butter and jelly, plastic service ware, plates etc and gave to the hungry we found on the street. We have always lived in very windy areas and trash blows freely so our boys would go to neighbors and pu trash out of yards and when old enough mow for free the yards of neighbors who were ill, or elderly or if we found out they did not have funds to have yard mowed and did not have working mower. Door to door to neighbors to collect can food for food bank. Make blankets for shelter. Visit the sick and elderly of your church. Being a shut in myself I can tell you I would be thrilled to have visitors especially a mom with young children to read too or color with. That would be so lovely, a thirty minute visit could be the best medicine every. Do a little Bible skit just visit, have children draw a special picture etc. Adopt a grandparent etc. To show love and care is the best service one can do for another.