Apr 5, 2011


I have this (ridiculous as it may seem) idea that I can't buy something I can make and I love sourdough bread so I've decided to make my own. The problem with sourdough is that you have to start with a "starter" and let it ferment. I have tried this once before with no luck but that was awhile ago and I am ready to try again. After all we have successfully made wine, beer and cheese which are on the same lines of fermenting. I've been doing some research and looking for an easy fool-proof starter recipe and came across this web site http://www.io.com/~sjohn/sour.htm.
The idea of taking a few simple ingredients that alone are okay but then letting them sit out on the counter and "spoil" so to speak and make something really yummy out of it is really appealing to me for some reason. But don't worry friends I am not talking about the dreaded "Amish Friendship Bread", I won't be begging all of you to take some home.
So here's a pic of what I started with 1 cup flour and 1 cup water. I'll update when I start to see fermenting progress.


Angie said...

hey now. I have an Amish Bread starter on my counter top right now. We LOVE that stuff. I have figured out how to make a triple batch of it instead of having starters to share. ha ha!

Cody said...

I know and I am looking forward to having some, I can never get rid of those starters -lol