Aug 26, 2010

Baby Stuff

Ok so I haven't posted anything since June. I don't really have any good excuse just that I have been busy with lots of home made projects the biggest being making a baby. With 2 weeks till the very "unofficial" due date I figured I better get you all caught up.

My biggest sewing project this summer has been making diapers... I still don't have enough but every time I think about b
uying them and add up the cost I head back to the sewing machine. I have made them virtually free, with a small cost of the pattern, water proof PUL material, and some elastic, velcro and snaps. I have found the rest of the materials laying around the house, from friends and for nickles and dimes at yard sales. I have used all the flannel scraps and old t-shirts I could get my hands on as well as stealing my hubby's "Sham Wow" knock-offs and any worn out receiving blankets I could dig up. The finished product is pretty good.
With the flannel scraps that have been too small to use for diapers I have cut into squares and made wipes and wash cloths. I don't have a pic of that but I will post one later.

Boppy Covers
I have also made some Boppy pillow covers, a soft fuzzy brown one for me & baby to use and a soft colorful fleece one for a friend that's having a baby girl. I was surprised at how easy these where, I made them in about 15 minutes. The backs are made out of a couple of pillow cases no longer in use, the brown was a $1.50 remnant from JoAnn's that is teddy bear soft and I could not resist. and the pretty striped is from a fleece blanket.


SwissMaedel said...

Hey! I just randomly googled ideas for reusing old t's and I found your blog. =) Great job on the cloth diapers! Can you tell which pattern you are using and whether you've had any leaks with it? Do you think it's pretty good? I'm looking for a cloth diaper pattern for an all-in-one.

Cody said...

I'm so glad you found me!! I bought a pattern CD on line from Spindle to Sashes, it has all kinds of baby item patterns including all-in-ones as well as just the diapers and covers. My little guy outgrew these quickly and because of lack of sewing time (after he was born) I ended up buying prefolds and covers after he no longer fit in the homemades. I thought the ones I made worked great and mine were almost free to make but they are time consuming!!! Cloth diapers can be expensive and I am not a diaper snob and will/would use anything to cover their tushies however I did find a great deal on covers on ebay. Thanks so much for commenting and good luck!! If you need any help shoot me an email