Mar 1, 2013

HomeMade for Boys- Backpack

I wanted to find more things to make for all my boys, especially my little ones. So I thought I would start my own little bloggy series... "HomeMade for Boy's".
Here's my first project.
With another baby coming I'm thinking it's time Freddy to start carry his own "things" and so a backpack would be perfect right? And he looooves his "pack-pack".
 I wish I had a pattern or tutorial to share with you but I don't, I just drew out the pieces on tissue paper cut the material, lining and interfacing out, pressed, sewed, and serged kind of "winging-it" as I went. I made the straps out of an old ribbon belt I had and tore the big red zipper from one of JoLee's sweaters she didn't want any more. 
And there you go a backpack to hold cars, dollars, beads, and clean underpants and jeans!

Thanks for reading, I will be adding more projects as I go.


Steve Finnell said...

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Sarah said...

I love this!! I made one like this and added thin elastic to the outside pocket to cinch it closed! (btw my boys are obsessed with rain boots and insist on wearing them all the time even in the summer with shorts! it must be a boy thing!)

Cody said...

That's a great idea!! And yes- it must be a boy thing!! All my boys love their boots, they wear them with everything and Freddy is on his second pair this year he trades them out with his "cow" boots (aka cowboy boots). Gotta love boys!!!