Feb 3, 2013

Happy Week 4- Friends!

This week has been a bit difficult but there are a few things that are around sometimes just to make ME happy... my friends!! 
What would I do without them? Where would I be without them?? 
They all, near and far, provide me with so much love, encouragement and laughter that I couldn't do half of what I do without their support and help!! 
I have always been blessed with great friends, even as a child. I believe you get what you put into friendship.
One of my friends call from states away to compare stories of what it's like to raise teenagers and chickens. One sends me e-mails to encourage me and cheer us on as we adventure in our rather different kind of lifestyle. I have one friend that takes the kids to give me a day off, sometimes 2, drops off or picks up the kids when they need a ride and makes sure "fun" in in their lives! I have one that I have daily contact with that keeps me going spiritually and makes me laugh so hard I have to keep my legs crossed. I even have one that comes and helps me clean the house, wash dishes or do laundry! Can you believe that?? One very dear friend lives far away, we seldom talk and next to never see each other but I know I'm on her mind and in her prayers! 

Marylin Blake- she keeps me in check!!!
The White Family, our TN family!

Katie and the girls friends for almost 14 years, a special bond no mater the distance between us!

I don't have many photo's of my friends and I together but here's one with two of the greatest in Tennessee!! Tasha & Chrystal
The Colwell's, Angie and I have know each other since I was 13!  
Samantha- friend for life! When all else fails call Samantha, she will be going through the very same thing!

And so many more...
You are all so great, you love me despite my flaws, you love my children despite the number of them sometimes. You respect our family choices regardless if they agree with them, you are truly a blessing to me! I love you all!!!

PS, I hope none of you minded I used these pics...


Terri Keller said...

Cody, I am so glad that I got to be apart of you friend for life relationship with Samantha. Love you girls and the young ones, you made it so easy for me to enjoy and love my job!

Cody said...

Ohhh that's right, you were a big part of us becoming friends!! You did such a great job there, we missed you so badly when you left!