Aug 18, 2012

4-H Chicken Auction!

Remember this picture from way back in March?

Well JoLee and a LOT of help from daddy raised 15 Red & Black Sex-link chickens and chose these 4 to take to the auction.

Some of the other kids couldn't believe they could pet our chickens beaks without them pecking them.

JoLee won a blue ribbon, her friend Jade won a red one and our friend and neighbor Cody won the Grand Champion Award!

Then it was time for the auction, our pullets went for $9 each.

These sweet little boys won the auction, they were so proud, the oldest one said our hens were the friendliness ones there, we told him it was because we handled them a lot.

JoLee was very proud of her ribbon!!
"Good-bye chickens!"

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Marilyn Blake said...

Way to go Jolee! I am so proud of you! The girls were beautiful! Good job raising them so they were tame.