Apr 15, 2012


Some of you know my super talented hubby Brian, but for those of you who don't know just how talented he is check out the beautiful barn wood furniture he has made in the last few weeks. 
You can see more of his stuff on his business page Creekside Crafts on Facebook.
A couple of weeks ago a woman saw his ad on Craigslist for the cutting boards he makes and invited him to join some other local artists in a studio/shop she just opened, so check out Artist Village if you're ever in Carryville, TN. I was so happy that someone else saw his work as art!

He also makes the cutest bird houses all out of re-purposed materials.
Stack of his latest cutting boards.
This one's my favorite- isn't is just beautiful? And the picture doesn't due it justice.
Not only is he the most talented man I know but he is also...
a chick magnet!!
They just love his snuggling in his fuzzy, warm beard!


Cody said...

Ok, I think I might have fixed the problem... try again.

Lea said...

hahha very funny re the chicks. Your mr is very clever. The chopping boards are stunning!