Jun 25, 2011

Triple Berry Muffins

These muffins are perfect right now with berry season upon us.
I can not leave a recipe alone, if there is a chance I can improve the wholesomeness of it I will at least try, these were a HUGE success! I found the original recipe at augustfirst.com, doubled it and made it healthier. They are moist & delicious!!

Preheat oven to 375

6T unsalted butter
3 T oil
2/3 c milk
3 egg
1 t vanilla
1 1/2 c flour
1 1/2 c whole wheat flour
1 c sugar
3 t baking powder
1 t salt
3 cup mixed berries (if using frozen berries be sure to rinse them)
4 T jam (any flavor I used my homemade blueberry-lime)
Wheat germ
Melt butter in saucepan over low heat. Remove from stove, whisk in milk, eggs, oil and vanilla.
In large bowl, whisk flours, sugar, baking powder and salt. Add milk mixture and stir. Fold in berries and jam.
Fill lined muffin pans full with batter, sprinkle wheat germ. Bake 20-22 minutes, cool in pan on rack.

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