Jun 10, 2011

Summer Meals

Dinner is always on my mind, I cook dinner 6 out of 7 nights a week for my family and I'm running out of ideas. I need some recipes for these hot summer days. The grill is where I try to do most of my cooking these days. I also like to try to cook early in the day then just heat up later for dinner. Lately I have been trying to spend 1 day cooking for the rest of the week.
Okay, so what are your go-to recipes for these hot days. Post them in the comments or send me an email, I'll try them out and share them for all of you to try! Remember that I like most of my readers are on a tight budget.


I'm just me... said...

Mine is crockpot chicken with gravy! Super easy and delish!

sliced boneless chicken breast strips
large family size can of cream of chicken soup (may need more for bigger family, I only make for 3)
garlic powder
onion powder
black pepper
(Don't add salt, will be too much with salt in soup)

cook on low for 6-8 hours, doesn't have to be exact.

Pour over mashed potatoes or buscuits, chicken just falls apart. We love it!

No exact measurments, just use what your family likes and it turns out every time. Can add other veggies to the crockpot as well and make into a pot pie filling of sorts to be poured over the buscuits.

Cody said...

I tried this and it is yummy!!! I saved the leftovers for pot-pie filling.