May 3, 2011

Another Birthday Here

Today is BJ's (our first born) birthday and the vow of homemade gifts is a difficult task when the recipient is a 12 year old boy!! Girls are so easy when it comes to "homemade". However BJ did like his baby brothers afghan and mentioned that he would like one. So along with some birthday cash, what? money is "homemade" too, I am working on this afghan for him, made with his favorite colors.

I spent hours looking for just the right pattern and then, of course, modified it. So far I'm happy with it but I'm not even a quarter of the done with it... I showed it to him today and he liked it!! Sorry about the poor quality of the pic, no sun= crappy pics, and it's a dreary rainy day!!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday B. J.

And you know that I won't forget it. Until then,

I am ..."Aunt Diane"

Cody said...

you are so funny Aunt Di!!