Jan 11, 2011


JoLee's hat finally finished, it didn't take me long to make she was just last on the list. Sorry about the grumpy baby, he just wouldn't smile for us. As you can see he's still wearing his camo hat.

This was a happy accident. I was fallowing a pattern for a mans hat and halfway through it just didn't look manly so I made a few changes and added the flower- voila, a pretty hat for me!! I have been meaning to get around to making myself one but you know how it is... BTW, Brian hates the flower which I put it on an alligator clip so it can be removed.

This is my new favorite crochet hat pattern and it was free!! You can download it here. I have made 7 of these so far, 3 boys size, 1 teen size, and 3 mens size. I have one more to make, for my brother. The only thing I did to change to size was use a different size hook. They work up quickly and easily. They are also a lot of fun to make, if they weren't I would have gotten bored. Both Grandpas liked them so much they each requested one... should be in the mail today!!


tracy said...

Freddy looks so big in that picture. Even bigger then the other day. Tell him he needs to quit growing. Love the hats!!!

Cody said...

I tell him but he won't listen. I thought he looked extra big in that pic too.