Nov 6, 2010


I'm up super early to get ready for the craft show today and try to get a few things done at home before I leave that have been neglected in the past couple of days. I can't help but think about my mom today. I miss her extra hands. Preparing for this craft show would have been a whole lot easier if she was still here!!! The 3 big kids have learned to go with the flow of my insanity but little Freddy would rather I give him 100% of every waking and some sleeping of my moments and Memaw is the only substitute.

Most of the items I make are from recycled things... anything I can find I will find a use for. I have to credit mom for that. She will say "I thought you could use this for something" and I will!! We can make somethin outa nothin!! She taught me how to use a sewing machine and a glue gun. She taught me how to rip out a seam and hide a flaw. I can't give her too much credit for my cooking ability but she taught me sew, load a dishwasher and clean a house (a skill I seldom use these days)!! These are 3 life skills I use the most! THANKS MOM, I love and miss you very much. (P.S.) Sorry mom if you don't like this pic, I do!!

Oh, and mom will also notice all my spelling and grammatical errors here.

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