May 11, 2010

Spring Projects

In our attempt to be more green we have eliminated paper napkins and now use cloth napkins that I have made from recycled materials
. We stopped using paper plates a few years ago and only use about 1 roll of paper towels a month we also use t.p. made from recycled materials. Brian is working on a windmill design for generating our own electricity.

After my dear friend Angie sent me a dishcloth she made, I was inspired to teach myself to crochet. I needed a distraction from all day morning sickness and this did the trick!!

Here are a few of the dishcloths a
nd the famous scrubbies I just can't live without!! These took me awhile but finally I got it and I haven't been able to stop churning them out, these are a MUST have for anyone who does dishes or scrubs a dirty stove top!!!


Anonymous said...

How do I purchase these scrubbies?

Cody said...

You can email me your order at