Jan 6, 2014

Mexician Chicken

I don't think this is Mexican at all but that's what we call it at our house, this is a recipe EVERYONE loves here and with 9 people to please that is quite an accomplishment!!! It's not so much a "recipe" as a list of ingredients, remember I am cooking for a large family and you may need to cut your amounts down to work for your family, but nevertheless here it is.

chicken breasts (I use 3 large)
salsa of choice
black beans
cooked brown rice (I use6 servings of instant rice for this recipe)
shredded cheese (we like the cheddar/colby mix)
flower tortillas
sour cream

Ok so cook the chicken in the salsa until fully cooked, shred the chicken with 2 forks and place pack into the skillet with the salsa add the black beans and add a little water. Heat your tortillas, I just place them on the stove burner until the are warmed up. Now put some rice and chicken mixture on your tortilla, top with cheese and sour cream roll up and enjoy!!