Apr 7, 2013

HomeMade Goodies

So here a few things I have done over the weekend. 

First up are a dozed baby wipes I made. The one's I made for Freddy are still holding up well but I needed more.
I make these with left-over flannel. I also had a remnant of terry cloth from I got from Joann's so made some with terry cloth backs, for extra scrubbing power.
 Here is the baby shower gifts I made, a Boppy Pillow cover, a burp cloth with baby Adin's initials, and a travel wipe case.
I really don't like using the dryer but when I do I needed something to help with static so I made some reusable dryer sheets.
 Here's as far as the star baby blanket got... I hate to admit defeat but this pattern was not only very difficult to follow but there was waaaaaaay too much counting...  
 I love a challenge but this is NOT the time in my life for it!! I needed to make something mindless for baby Jack, something with a calm relaxing rhythm. So I started this simple yet not boring pattern, of course changing it a bit to make it my "own".
 All in all a pretty productive weekend, I think! Thanks for reading!!


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