May 10, 2011


A church in out little town has flea market every spring, JoLee & I found some great treasures there Saturday. We spent $3 and walked away with these 5 vintage half aprons and 2 vintage tablecloths!!! Yup, you read correctly THREE BUCKS!!
Old tablecloths make great cloth napkins and usually that's what I have in mind when I buy them but these are way to nice to cut up and they fit my table perfectly!!

I LOVE to make something new out of something new and sheets are a great way to get a lot of yardage for next to nothing. Vintage sheets are the BEST!!! I scored these 2 queen size vintage sheets and a pillow case at my favorite thrift store for a total of $6 last weekend. The striped sheet was still in it's plastic, from 19-- who knows!!! and has a pretty islet trim. It stunk like old starch when I opened it and the fold creases stayed even after I washed it, not sure what I'm doing to do with it yet but I have plans for this pretty flowered one and pillowcases make great girls dresses, light summer tops for me or maybe an apron or tote bag... the ideas are endless!! Hmmmm I might see the next giveaway. But for now it looks like I may be ironing for awhile!!

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