Mar 16, 2011

Time Continues to Fly By...

The last 3 weeks have brought sick kids, vacation, sick hubby, sick kid (again), sick kitty, sick self, and a brand new tooth!!

We returned from vacation Saturday afternoon tired and motivated at the same time. While we were gone we had 3 showings on the house which after nothing for the past 4 months made us optimistic.

On our way home from vacation we picked up our little bus in beautiful Jonesboro, TN and did some house and property scouting in TN and VA. While Brian followed Lesley (what he calls the GPS) in the bus and I followed him in the van (with a not-so-happy baby and a little boy who was upset there was on wi-fi signal) we drove to what I am certain was the top of the world and back. A million miles from anything! Right when I was thinking about stomping Lesley to bits just as soon as I could get my hands on her we rounded yet another u-shaped curve in the road this time finally in a downward spiral we saw this...One of the most stunning views I have ever seen!!! It made the 1 1/2 hour drive completely out of our way with a screaming baby completely worth it!! We would consider ourselves blessed if we one day called Tazewell, VA our home!!
Silly me didn't think to roll the window down to take the picture so you can see the reflection of my pink jacket.

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