Dec 10, 2010

This Week

Freddy's Teddy!!
I am so proud of this crocheted Teddy and can't wait for Freddy to carry him around.

Dishcloths done!!! I had 12 dishcloths to make for some orders and they are finally done. Now I have to finish those 18 scrubbies...

Freddy loves to hang off our arm which as you can imagined makes our arms tired. So Daddy hung the Johnny Jumper yesterday and Freddy LOVED it!! He's too little to touch the floor so he just "hung out". Too cute!!

This is a cute child's apron I made for a customer out of a men's shirt my Dad gave me. I used the collar for the neck band. This is a great way to reuse an unused shirt. I made an adult one to match.

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